Troy Slater is an award winning multidisciplinary artist based in the north of England.

Troy uses painting, drawing, digital art, music and tattoo art in order to express creative visions across a myriad of projects. Over 25 years of exhibiting and working to commission, Troy’s work has reached the USA, Canada, Australia and Turkey. His portfolio includes portraiture, landscape and abstract painting, murals, brand design, album covers, book illustration and audio and video production.

Troy has exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair in London, worked on soundscape production for the 2012 Olympics, won the Carlisle Living magazine 2017 Style in the City award and co-organised and participated in the successful West Walls Artists Now exhibition in 2019 that won an Arts and Cultural Initiative award.

Troy currently works as a tattoo artist and focuses on figurative painting while spending his spare time producing music.

“Each project I work on has its own philosophy, its own set of rules, and its own individual genesis of ideas. But in the end, it is all just one grand work of art.”