Trojan Dogs complete EP and video shoot

The minor issue of the North Sea separating the players hasn’t stopped Trojan Dogs creating their debut slice of heaviness.The collaboration between Troy Slater in the UK and Conny Pettersson in Sweden has grown to include Mike Alexander and Rhys McCubbin, also in the...

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Can Tattoo Art Coexist With Fine Art?

Of course it can.   As part of the West Walls Artists NOW exhibition, a large chunk of my display will be tattoo art and tattoo industry related. My work will included photography, painting, digital art and music. Also in the exhibition, the 11 other artists work...

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West Walls Exhibition

West Walls Artists is the longest running studio group in Cumbria. We are a collective of 12 individuals working with a wide range of media and techniques. We range from the classically trained to the self-taught, and our media from canvas to skin, from gold to found...

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