Mallerstang (Originally Whores of Khan) is a rock/metal project featuring Troy Slater (vocals/guitar) and Jonny Gash (drums) and was formed in 2009.

A band with minimal bullshit and maximum groove, seeking to create a sound that is heavy and yet accessible to a wider audience than their previous, more technical projects.

Opting to use audible, melodic vocals, the duo completed the line up, played some gigs and won a following in a short space of time.

Mallerstang released their first video in 2018 and are close to completing their first album.


Sonos Omnes

Sonos Omnes began as a concept to write collaborative music. It has developed into a cross genre and experimental project, blending Metal, Jazz and Electro.

Trojan Dogs

Modern metal project featuring musicians from the UK and Sweden.
Troy Slater
Rhys McCubbin
Mike Alexander
Conny Pettersson