Tattoo Booking


Getting a tattoo, which is essentially a permanent body modification, should be taken seriously and with commitment, but needn’t be a stressful experience. On the contrary, it should be fun and creative. But before the needles hit the skin, it is my task to guide my clients into making the best decisions by making them aware of all the aspects that determine what will make a good tattoo and a good tattooing experience for both you, the client, and myself, the artist. Please read this document before making your booking.



Designing your tattoo


Have you got an idea and have you got some examples and references of the sort of thing you would like? Have you seen my work, is it the kind of work I would normally do? It saves time and hassle if the research has already begun. Having all this information ready and emailed over to begin with is preferable. Do you like black and grey or colour? Stylised or realism? Where would you ideally place it? Do you want a chest piece or a sleeve? Have you got a light complexion or dark skin? If the tattoo idea has meaning behind it, what is the story? Unless you would like to brainstorm with me or let me do whatever I suggest, then please add as much information as you can to help the process move efficiently.

I will not copy other people’s tattoos, so please don’t ask. I can design something inspired by another tattoo, but will never copy something exactly. The exception to this is if the tattoo you have seen is of another work of art or photographic reference, in which case search for the original reference. For example this could be a Greek statue, a portrait photo of Benny Hill or a painting by Dali. If you want a tattoo of a Lion, look for photographs of lions as well as photos of lion tattoos. The tattoos out there of realistic lions will have been sourced from photographs of real lions. When searching for reference, try to find the highest resolution pictures possible. Screenshots generally are nowhere near good enough to work with.

I will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even with parents consent. It’s illegal. Bring I.D if you’re lucky enough to look younger than you are. If it’s your first or even second tattoo, I will not tattoo hands, neck or face. (Unless you’re a retired millionaire!)

If your idea is something that I consider to be of bad taste or of low artistic merit, please do not be offended if I refuse to do it. There will be a reason I don’t want to put my name to it.

If for any reason I don’t think the tattoo is going to work, because of size or placement or any other reason- please respect and trust my judgement. After taking all this into consideration we can discuss the finer points via email and book the appointment. We may need to book a face to face consultation in the studio. Consultations are free and a good way to strike up a rapport and to introduce you to the surroundings at BlackFriars, but aren’t always necessary.

Please feel free to ask for any other advice and I will endeavour to advise.